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    February 2nd, 2024

    Stay updated for every new transactions with notifications

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    To ensure that you are always in the loop, we introduce Notification on You can stay effortlessly informed about transactions, balances, and crucial updates which keep you informed, secure, and in control.

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    Login with email

    Embark on a seamless login experience with our latest enhancement – now introducing Gmail login functionality to No more juggling passwords; this feature streamlines access, offering swift and secure entry with your Gmail credentials.

    💎 Improvements
    • Add Profit and Loss data for every token in the balance table: To keep users up-to-date with the crypto market, we introduce a feature that pictures real-time Profit and Loss data attached to each token in your balance table.
    • Alert for new changelogs: For every update, there will be an alert in the landing page that links to the new changelog to keep users updated.
    • Navigation action in a changelog detail: To improve the experience when view a specific changelog, we add a navigation button at the bottom of the changelog.
    🐛 Fixes
    • Overview: PNL data of total balance
    • Receipt: update topbar of the receipt by action transfer money
    • Tip widget: Users can play around with the tip widget without login required
    • Tip widget: convert amount in token, moniker, and USD value switcher

    January 26th, 2024


    🍡 About

    Mochi is the ultimate payment application seamlessly integrated into your favorite social platforms - Discord and Telegram. Mochi is designed to revolutionize the way you send money to friends, family, and contacts while making your community even more engaging and convenient.

    Mochi as a wallet

    Tired of hopping between crypto apps for balances and transfers? Mochi gathers all your wallet info in one spot. Just link your wallets and social accounts, and voila! Mochi effortlessly manages it all, along with your Mochi wallet

    Plus, keep your tokens snug in your Mochi wallet for quick, seamless transactions. And that's not all—Mochi gives you monthly financial stats for a savvy money game. Elevate your crypto journey with Mochi—where simplicity meets financial clarity!

    Mochi Tip widget

    More than just a wallet, Mochi is a social payment, where simplicity meets engagement. You can forget lengthy addresses, but use social contacts to send tokens to anyone, even those without a crypto wallet.

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    Explore Mochi Transactions

    Gain insights into the heartbeat of Mochi! Explore user transactions to understand app performance and user behavior. Track, analyze, and optimize with Mochi Transactions – your window into the dynamics of our vibrant community. Elevate your insight with Mochi!

    Changelog Page

    We're excited to introduce the new Changelog page, your go-to hub for all the latest product improvements! Stay in the loop with clear and concise updates on features, enhancements, and fixes. Easily track our progress as we work to make your experience even better.

    Explore the Changelog now to stay informed and make the most of our latest advancements


    January 5th, 2024

    Open up more social login options to Neko Wallet

    ✨ What’s News

    Neko Wallet now support Facebook

    Right now, everyone can login to their facebook account, and use tip widget as an alternative way to interact with their balances, including searching user in facebook, etc etc

    New transactions table component

    Last week we also upgrade the visual for our transactions table, new UI includes more data, right-in-a-row CTA and more. check it out at Mochi Explore

    New changelog preview in Discord

    To be frank, our current component does not good so good, so we replace it with new one.

    Design systems

    Apply the transition animation for Dropdown, Modal, Sidebar,… No annoying bolder on the button anymore.

    💎 Improvements
    • Tip Widget: To optimize the display space and also ensure the experience, all the small number like 0.00….01 will be used the subscript to render with the format:
    • Settings: The Settings page improved its logic on default message and transaction limit. Moreover, it applied the standard page scale which improve the interface on different screen size and saving alert for unsaved changes.
    • Receipt Page: Receipt page also has a new looks, to support our new ‘join tip’ feature coming, receipt page now showing full senders or recipients including all sub-transactions
    • [Discord] Ticker: Currently, ticker always assumes to show just one result, based on various condition, like is that native token, how about the marketcap, etc. But sometimes, we do have a few cases when more than 1 result is expected from users. So we add a button to let users choose what is best for them
    • Overview: The Overview page has improved the scroll bar of every part which bring a better experience.
    • Explore Transactions: To give user the quick stats of the app performance, we render the stat of success transactions by Mochi right on the top of the page. Furthermore, our team has enhanced the page speed to show all transactions.
    🐛 Fixes
    • Settings: Fix the edit default message and transaction limit
    • Settings: Remove some invalid option in the settings options
    • Settings: The logic of adding new default message and limit
    • Tip Widget: insufficient balance when users have enough balance
    • Tip Widget: sometimes tip widget show incorrect token after select from profile balance.
    • Tx Receipt: missing image in sharing url.
    • Tx Receipt: microcopy does not match with tx data (Tip instead of Transfer)
    • Tx Receipt: copyright 2023 → 2024
    • Tx Receipt: remove subscript number & now show full usd total amount
    • Tx Receipt: showing UTC time instead of local time
    • Tx Receipt: show info if send from vault or application
    • Transaction table: fix pagination issues
    • Transaction table: filter
    • Transaction table: render full 5 transactions in the table preview on Overview page
    • [Discord] recent tx: show info if send from vault or application
    • [Discord] profile: show binance data