Solana Coding Camp2nd place

    Bring Web3 universe to your Discord server

    Smooth onboarding, automated moderation, crypto ticker, NFT rarity ranking, and much more.
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    Server management made easy

    Set and forget. Mochi does it all for you, automaticallyLearn more

    Holder Verification

    Manage access to holder-exclusive private channels,
    multiple collections at once.

    Automatic Role Grant

    Lets users add & remove roles from themselves by
    simply reacting to a message.

    Detailed Server Insights

    The lastest server stats bot you need to make the right

    Smooth Onboarding

    Give your new members a heartwarming welcome
    with our ready-to-use and fully customizable designs.

    Facilitate Engagement

    Quick & easy to setup dedicated channels for fun &
    engaging activities such as GM.

    Crypto Utilities

    Access all thing crypto without having to leave DiscordLearn more

    Crypto ticker

    Track real-time price of more than 9,000 tokens supported


    Save a list of favorite tokens and pairs for a quick update

    Tip bot

    Send and receive any amount of crypto, directly on Discord


    Airdrops, money rains and other community-engaging activities

    NFT + Discord = WAGMI

    A full set of tools for minters, traders, and collection ownersLearn more

    Rarity ranking tool

    Instant rarity checker from a huge database, while
    indexing new collections is quick and easy.

    Track NFT Sales

    Quick catch up on market movement and you might
    see some steals in there.


    Engage with your community and honor members.Learn more

    Beyond Discord

    Let users connect other social
    profiles and flex their


    Honor and share well-rated


    Let your community know
    who's the best


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