January 26th, 2024

    🍡 About

    Mochi is the ultimate payment application seamlessly integrated into your favorite social platforms - Discord and Telegram. Mochi is designed to revolutionize the way you send money to friends, family, and contacts while making your community even more engaging and convenient.

    Mochi as a wallet

    Tired of hopping between crypto apps for balances and transfers? Mochi gathers all your wallet info in one spot. Just link your wallets and social accounts, and voila! Mochi effortlessly manages it all, along with your Mochi wallet

    Plus, keep your tokens snug in your Mochi wallet for quick, seamless transactions. And that's not all—Mochi gives you monthly financial stats for a savvy money game. Elevate your crypto journey with Mochi—where simplicity meets financial clarity!

    Mochi Tip widget

    More than just a wallet, Mochi is a social payment, where simplicity meets engagement. You can forget lengthy addresses, but use social contacts to send tokens to anyone, even those without a crypto wallet.

    💎 Mochi’s features

    Explore Mochi Transactions

    Gain insights into the heartbeat of Mochi! Explore user transactions to understand app performance and user behavior. Track, analyze, and optimize with Mochi Transactions – your window into the dynamics of our vibrant community. Elevate your insight with Mochi!

    Changelog Page

    We're excited to introduce the new Changelog page, your go-to hub for all the latest product improvements! Stay in the loop with clear and concise updates on features, enhancements, and fixes. Easily track our progress as we work to make your experience even better.

    Explore the Changelog now to stay informed and make the most of our latest advancements

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