Pay your frens using crypto

    A secure, convenient, and borderless way to send and receive money. 🤘
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    P2P payment platform

    Make sending and receiving money with friends fun and easy. Turn a financial transaction into a personal connection.
    send and receive
    Send & Receive
    All-in-one, user-friendly for people of all experience levels.
    Enable trading for thousands of tokens with minimal fees, 24/7.
    pay me
    Pay Me
    Your friends can pay you with just a few clicks, Mochi makes it easy!
    Give away your cash. Make your friends feel fun and special.
    Organize your finances by creating a savings vault for each financial goal.

    Send a gift

    Spread the joy to your frens and show them your heartwarming affection: buy them a Starbucks, celebrate a birthday, or just be generous – because you can!
    Pay Link
    Pay Link

    Skip the math

    Send money to anyone, anywhere, and Mochi will automatically calculate the split. You can send to a recipient by @role, #channel, or even on other socials.
    Tip List

    Express yourself

    Adding a personal touch to your payments can make them more memorable and help you build stronger relationships.
    Express yourself
    Express yourself
    • Crypto native
      Easy token and collectible transfers across all platforms with just a few taps. Share your wallet address with a personalized QR code for quick and easy asset receiving.
    • No hidden fees
      The token transfer process is transparent, and you won't face unexpected costs during transactions. It is fully documented, so you can always see what's happening and why.
    • Instant transfer
      Enable instant token transfers, ensuring that you experience smooth and real-time transactions. It allows you to take advantage of market opportunities quickly.
    • Easy top-up
      Recharge your balance securely and conveniently in seconds, no matter where you are in the world. Mochi will help you never run out of money again.
    • Multi money source
      Mochi lets you top up your trading from multiple sources, manage funds, optimize transactions, simply pair your wallet, and connect to a range of web3 powerful applications.
    • Available where you need
      Always up-to-date balance makes it easy to stay on top of your finances. You can track your spending, see your investment performance, and make payments with confidence.

    A fully integrated suite of APIs

    curl request
      curl --request GET \
    v1/profile/0/monthly-stats \
     --header 'accept: application/json'

    Setup is simple

    Make sending and receiving money with friends fun and easy. Turn financial transactions into personal connections.
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