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    February 2nd, 2024

    ✨ What’s News


    To ensure that you are always in the loop, we introduce Notification on You can stay effortlessly informed about transactions, balances, and crucial updates which keep you informed, secure, and in control.

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    Embark on a seamless login experience with our latest enhancement – now introducing Gmail login functionality to No more juggling passwords; this feature streamlines access, offering swift and secure entry with your Gmail credentials.

    💎 Improvements
    • Add Profit and Loss data for every token in the balance table: To keep users up-to-date with the crypto market, we introduce a feature that pictures real-time Profit and Loss data attached to each token in your balance table.
    • Alert for new changelogs: For every update, there will be an alert in the landing page that links to the new changelog to keep users updated.
    • Navigation action in a changelog detail: To improve the experience when view a specific changelog, we add a navigation button at the bottom of the changelog.
    🐛 Fixes
    • Overview: PNL data of total balance
    • Receipt: update topbar of the receipt by action transfer money
    • Tip widget: Users can play around with the tip widget without login required
    • Tip widget: convert amount in token, moniker, and USD value switcher
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